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Have you been looking for a natural, proven effective range of herbal medicines that will enhance and protect the wellbeing of your dog or cat? Choose Himalaya animal health care products, famous herbal ingredients from a global healthcare brand.
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Find out how you can stock the range of Himalaya herbal medicines and supplements in your store, with our wholesale program. We work directly with our retail partners in Australia and New Zealand.
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Our range of herbal medicines and supplements for cats and dogs is designed to complement your clinical services. Developed by Vets and supported with extensive clinical trials, our range is tested for safety, efficacy and quality control.
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Buy now. Himalaya Pets herbal medicines can help your dog or cat with anxiety, liver and kidney function, skin and coat conditions, immunity, inflammation, digestive issues, and more.
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About Us

More than 300 million Himalaya products enter the homes of consumers around the world, for humans and animals alike. Now available in Australia, choose Himalaya’s all-natural herbal medicines for dogs and cats. Our range treats conditions of the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and coat, immune system, calcium supplementation, anti-inflammatories, general health tonics and more.

What We Do Best

Herbal medicine, made exclusively from plants, has a long history in almost every culture around the world, from the Europeans to China, India and the Australian Aboriginal communities. Many modern conventional medicines have their roots in herbs, either derived from a part of the herb or synthesised to imitate the herb’s active ingredient.

As we seek better lifestyles for ourselves and our pets – eating whole foods, minimising our exposure to toxins and exercising regularly – herbal medicine is gaining momentum thanks to scientific investigation and clinical studies that prove its efficacy.

Himalaya’s herbal medicines have been decades in research and development, and use only the best ingredients and the safest manufacturing processes to ensure we provide consistent high quality, safe and proven herbal medicine for people and pets.

Why You Should Choose Himalaya For Pets

  • Backed by extensive scientific research into efficacy and safety
  • State of the art research and development centre
  • ISO 2001:2008 certified and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified
  • Employs more than 200 physicians and scientists
  • Latest technology to test accuracy, efficacy and safety of herbal ingredients
  • More than 250 herbs used today and many more in clinical studies
  • Uses whole flowers, roots, stems and leaves
  • Ingredients are collected in a sustainable way
  • An important part of integrated healthcare regime for pets and people

Our Awesome Reviews

We wanted to improve the health and liver function of our older dog
"Chilli's liver was not working well, and it showed in his health.  As he is older his liver was enlarged and he was sluggish and getting thinner by the month.  Our naturopath told us that if we worked on his digestion and liver function it would help him to deal with protein more efficiently to build him up.  So we used Liv.52.  Good product.  Our naturopath is happy with the formula and Chilli is eating and functioning better".
Lee, Capalaba
We try to use as many natural products as possible to keep chemical free
"The cat had a major reaction to one of the flea and tick treatments we used as we live in an area that is a high risk zone.  It has taken many weeks to get her right again and back to normal.  We used Liv.52 to help with toxicity levels in her system and to prevent harm to her liver.  We are very careful and do our homework now on what we put into our pets systems.  Just like ourselves I guess."
Val, Katoomba
Liver problems leading to issues with health from drugs and chemicals
"Our dog had a lot of medical issues that compromised his liver function and damaged his system, rock and a hard place for an owner.  We had to keep giving him medication but sought to find a way to protect his organs from further harm.  Liv.52 was recommended by our Vet to restore proper liver function which he said is necessary for him to prevent further health issues.  We have seen a big difference in him."
Rod, Lakembla
Our cat was always getting recurrent infections from lowered immune system
"Puss in Boots had constant skin infections and ear infections.  Our Vet said that we should change her diet, which we did, and use a product to help increase her immune system and health.  We love this product.  It has specialised herbs to help her resistance and to eliminate toxins from her system.  Our Vet is very happy with her progress too.  We recommend this to anyone. "
Maureen, Adelaide
Our cat has Arthritis, this really helped her movement and she is much better
"Our cat is old at 16 and is stiff and was diagnosed with arthritis.  Knowing that this is an inflammatory condition, we researched products that were herbal that would help with pain and inflammation.  Major difference!  Love this product.".
Katie, Subiacco
Our dog had surgery and this helped with his pain and inflammation
"Max had a broken leg from a car clipping him on the road.  He was in pain and after his operation was still having some trouble with swelling and movement.  We put him on Himpyrin for a month when we read the ingredients and found it was helpful for inflammation and pain as well as the immune system to help him recover.  He is doing well".
Peter, Woollongong
Our dog had a fever because he had an infection
"Our dog had a fever when he had an ear infection.  We used this product when we took him to the Vet, they recommended it to reduce fever and help with immunity and infection.  I preferred this to an antibiotic because when he has had antibiotics before it messed up his stomach.  This worked in a day or so and we would use it again for any infections and to increase his immunity".
Jason, Ipswich
Our dog had puppies and we wanted a natural calcium supplement for her
"Our dog had a litter of puppies and got a fever and struggled with feeding her pups.  We asked around for a calcium supplement that was quickly absorbed for lactating mothers and came up with HimCal.  She loves the taste.  Knowing the puppies are also benefiting from calcium and phosphorous is a bonus for their own development.  A good all round supplement for mum and her litter."
Jodi and Ben, Caboolture
We have an large puppy and wanted to protect her bones and teeth during growth
"Our new pup is a large breed and we sought advice on a natural supplement for strong bones and health during her rapid growth periods.  We found HimCal and really liked the natural ingredients and no side effects.  We add the syrup to her food and she loves it.  We are doing the best we can for her growth and bones and future and a foundation for good health".
Mandy, Gold Coast

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