Understanding Natural Product Categories

More and more pet owners are seeking natural products to support their pet’s health and well-being. They want access to the same quality of food, nutrition, supplements, vitamins and natural products they seek out for themselves. Vets, pet health professionals, and pet stores are moving towards natural options and an integrated approach to answer this […]

Five Top Herbs for Dogs and Cats

The Ayurveda herbal medicine system uses many herbs that are also familiar in Western herbal medicine. Here are some of the most common herbs used in preparations for dogs and cats. The Sanskrit name is followed by the common English name, then Latin name. You can read more about these herbs and other ingredients in […]

Immune System in Dogs and Cats

The immune system is just as vital in our pets as in ourselves, to fight off illness and infection, and maintain our well-being. If your pet has recurrent infections, such as skin infections, ear or eye infections, or recurrent parasite infestations, these could be signs of a compromised immune system. It Starts With Diet What […]

Turmeric is a super food for pets too

Turmeric has incredible healing powers as a super food, for people and pets too. My mum drinks ‘turmeric lattes’ for their anti-inflammatory properties. My dogs enjoy the flavour of golden paste in their daily meals. I might even try some myself. Golden Ticket for pet health This is a fantastic article about the wide ranging health […]