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5 Ways Pets Bring Out the Healthier and Happier You

Once a pet enters your life, you discover a new kind of love that you have never experienced before. You get to enjoy a lifetime of selfless and loyal companionship. A naughty woof or a mischievous purr can make you smile even on days you are feeling low. Nobody can lift your spirits like your paw pal. Here are five ways a pet helps to make you happy and well.

Helps you stay healthy

Pets keep you active; through small games like tug or fetch, pets crave for attention and keep you on your toes. Even on lazy days, your furry friend encourages you to get off the couch and go outside. A long walk does just as much good to your health and happiness as it does to your pet.

Nurtures compassion

As the bond between you and your pet develops, you cultivate a stronger sense of empathy. Making the effort to understand your pet’s needs makes you more considerate and sensitive to others’ feelings. Through their unconditional love, pets teach you to become more empathetic towards the health and well-being of others.

Banishes stress

Stroking your pet’s fur not only soothes him but also helps you relax. While your pet enjoys a belly rub, there is an increased production of serotonin and oxytocin (the feel-good hormones) in your brain. These hormones control the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. So, a good nuzzle or rub will make your pet happy and put you in a healthier frame of mind as well.

Develops a routine

Looking after a pet helps you become more organised. It puts a schedule in place for feeding, playing, and walking. A fixed timetable enables your pet to get used to his routine. This disciplines him while helping you feel happier as you are naturally more productive.

Drives away the gloom

Pets are the best companions; they always keep you happy. Whether it is the new tricks they learn or their naughty antics, you will always enjoy their company. They boost your self-esteem by being completely uncritical and showering you with unconditional love. Spending time with your pet helps you stay engaged and takes your mind off issues that might be bothering you.