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Himalaya Pets Himpyrin Anti-Inflammatory

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Himpyrin is a clinically tested herbal medicine to treat fever, inflammation and pain in dogs and cats. It is antipyretic (treats fevers from many underlying causes), analgesic (relieves pain) and is an anti-inflammatory for long term health benefits. Effective in cases of injury or surgery.

Himpyrin is a clinically tested herbal medicine to treat fever, inflammation and pain in dogs and cats.

In potent liquid drop form, Himpyrin is a natural antipyretic (reduces fever) that works by inhibiting the enzymes cyclooxygenase (COX) 1 and 2 and preventing the synthesis of prostaglandins, hormones that are made at sites of tissue damage or infection, where they cause inflammation, pain and fever as part of the healing process. The action reduces fever in pets.

Himpyrin is also an effective pain reliever, preventing the release of pain neuro-transmitters and blocking the sensitisation of nerve fibres.

It can be used to treat fevers from multiple underlying causes, and is especially effective in instances of injury or post-surgery.

Benefits Common Name Ayurvedic Name
Ayurvedic medicine has praised ginger's ability to boost the immune system before recorded history. It believes that because ginger is so effective at warming the body, it can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs. It's also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, our body's sewage system. Zingiber officinale Sunthi
The herb has a positive effect on the liver, facilitating its detoxification and treatment. Cyperus rotundus Musta
Calamus oil is extracted from the rhizomes and roots of the plant. The essential oil-free alcoholic extract of the herb possesses sedative and pain relieving properties. Acorus calamus Vacha
Used for inflammatory conditions and skin diseases, and as well as to reduce swelling and promote healing. Glycyrrhiza glabra Yashtimadhu
Giloy is used in multiple drug formulations. It has many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic. In modern medical science it is proven promising for anti-endotoxic potential, to stimulats phagocytosis, and proven efficacy inimmuno-compromised conditions. Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi
Source: European Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, Indian Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia
Directions for Use 

To be given orally or mixed with food or as directed.

Dogs Small breeds 1-2mL twice daily
Large breeds 2-3mL twice daily
Cats 1mL twice daily

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason, Ipswich
Our dog had a fever because he had an infection

"Our dog had a fever when he had an ear infection. We used this product when we took him to the Vet, they recommended it to reduce fever and help with immunity and infection. I preferred this to an antibiotic because when he has had antibiotics before it messed up his stomach. This worked in a day or so and we would use it again for any infections and to increase his immunity."

Peter, Woollongong
Our dog had surgery and this helped with his pain and inflammation

"Max had a broken leg from a car clipping him on the road. He was in pain and after his operation was still having some trouble with swelling and movement. We put him on Himpyrin for a month when we read the ingredients and found it was helpful for inflammation and pain as well as the immune system to help him recover. He is doing well."

Katie, Subiacco
Our cat has Arthritis, this really helped her movement and she is much better

"Our cat is old at 16 and is stiff and was diagnosed with arthritis. Knowing that this is an inflammatory condition, we researched products that were herbal that would help with pain and inflammation. Major difference! Love this product.."