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Himalaya Pets Nefrotec Kidney Health

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Nefrotec DS is the ideal treatment for urinary tract infections and other kidney and bladder conditions in cats and dogs. The herbal medicine can prevent and remove stones in kidney and bladder, and treat cystitis and inflammation of the urethra.  It has diuretic and antiseptic properties that counteract repetitive urinary tract infections.

Nefrotec DS is a combination of herbs that provide urinary antiseptic, prevention and removal of stones in bladder or kidneys (antilithic), and diuretic (increased production of urine) properties.

Both dogs and cats can experience bladder and kidney issues, including urinary tract infections, stones, inflammation of the urethra and cystitis – which is an inflammation of the bladder. Kidney disease is more common in cats, but can also be found in dogs.

Signs of these conditions include painful urination, more frequent urination, blood or pus in the urine, or blockage of urination.

There are many causes of kidney conditions in dogs and cats, many related to diet. Excessive levels of nutrients in the diet (protein, fat, carbohydrates), excessive levels of mineral, or chemical food preservatives, colourings, additives and acidifiers can all be linked to kidney disfunction.

A sedentary life from obesity, holding onto urine for long periods, and even genetics (some breeds are more prone than others), can be contributing factors.

Nefrotec is effective at preventing and dissolving stones and sediment in the bladder and kidneys.

For both male cats and dogs, stones or ‘sand’ in the bladder can become critical, blocking the urethra and preventing urination. In this case, contact your Vet immediately and always ensure proper diagnosis and suitability.

Benefits Common Name Ayurvedic Name
A thick and sticky substance containing 85 minerals in ionic form. It is one of the most important drugs of Ayurvedic medicine. Used for ageing, a brain enhancer and recuperative adaptogen. Mineral Pitch Shilajit, Shudda
The Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones, Dysuria and renal colic and for help to prevent urinary retention. Badarashma bhasma Hajarul Yahood
Anti-fungal, anti-biotic, expectorant and astringent. Tones the urinary tract and supresses calcui formation. Parmelia perlata thallus Stone Flower
Known as the "stone breaker" for treatment of kidney stones. Saxifraga liguata Pasanabheda
For the treatment of kidney and liver diseases, gall stones and has diuretic properties. Rubia cordifolia Manjistha or Umbrellas Edge
Anti-inflammatory, central nervous system stimulant and antimicrobial as well as diuretic. Cyperus scariousus
A water soluble alkaloid reported lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate, maintains heart health and used for the treatment of kidney stones. Achyranthes aspera Apamarga
A herb known to alleviate kidney disease. Onosma bracteatum Gojihva
Used to treat cases of kidney disease and burning micturition. Veronia cinerea Sahadevi
Source: European Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, Indian Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia
Directions for Use
Dogs Small breeds 1 tablet twice daily
Large breeds 2 tablets twice daily
Cats 1 tablet twice daily


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John, Beecroft
UTI (urinary tract infections) in our dog cleared up quickly and we use longer term for his kidne...

"The dog kept getting UTI infections (urinary tract infection) and it was painful for her and we had to keep taking her to the vet for treatment. We found Nefrotech when we searched for natural products to help kidney health and UTI's. It said good for long term support and for removing excess fluid from the body and to help manage recurrent infections. It certainly has helped a lot. We also use Immunol for increasing his immunity to infection, great combination."

Jodie, Shell Cove
Our cat kept getting urinary tract infections, we wanted to try something that was not an antibiotic

"Millie had recurring urinary tract infections. Apparently it is quite common. We had used antibiotics for years to clear it up. Our Vet recommended that we use Nefrotec longer term to prevent the formation of crystals and support her kidneys, as a more preventative measure. Very happy with this product. We have only had 2 recurrences in 2 years which is so much better than every few months! Will keep using this."

Alison, Batemans Bay
This product really works for our cat who had a urinary tract infection

"Love this product. My cat had trouble with urinary tract infections that happened quite often which was not fun for her at all. We use this natural product to help her stop getting them and since we put her on these she hasn't had any at all."