Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled FAQs to answer some of the more common questions we receive. If, for any reason, you don’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to ask your Vet or pet care professional or qualified retailer.  You may also contact us by sneding an email with your questions. One of our customer support people will respond to your query as soon as possible.

We are here to help.

Where can I buy Himalaya Animal Health products?

Ask your local Veterinarian or pet care retailer for Himalaya products.

If your favourite pet supplier or Vet Clinic does not have any in stock, as them to order it for you.

You can also Shop directly online with us or go to our Stockists page for online shopping.  If you need help please feel free to Contact Us for further information.

What are the ingredients?

All ingredients are natural plant and mineral based. The English, Latin and botanical plant names as well as Sanskrit names are on our website for your easy reference. Look up the Herb Finder link for more information on specific ingredients, their uses and benefits.

What is the best way to administer or dose my pet?

Each formula has specific dosing and administration instructions on the package.  The information is also available on our website under the Detailed Product Description.

Himalaya Herbal Medicines come in tablets and liquids, sometimes a choice of both.  They can be administered directly into the mouth, in food, in the case of liquid formulas into the mouth, in food or on a treat.  For tablets in food is best.

Please refer to the specific product package for detailed dosing information for each country.

How are the products administered and what is the dosage, and what is the duration of therapy?

The dosage of the medicines depends on the condition and various factors such as age, the duration and nature of illness and may vary from pet to pet.

The instruction to take certain medications “before meals” or “after meals” or “with food” holds equal importance in all systems of medicine and is not restricted to herbal medicine.  This is based on the fact that in some cases, the food presents in the stomach and interferes in the absorption of the medicines.

As a general rule, those medicines that may produce gastric irritation are to be taken after food and those which are muco-protective (stomach friendly) are to be taken before food.  However, it is best to read the instructions and consult with your Vet if any questions.

The use of Ayurvedic products provides progressive and long lasting results.  Please allow several weeks to see the full benefits.

Are there any interactions when using Himalaya products with other medications?

Although we do not have evidence of any interactions, and our products are safe to use alongside other medication, we advise you to consult with your Vet prior to using Himalaya products in conjunction with other medications.

Are the mediciations safe to use during pregnancy?

We do not recommend the use of products during pregnancy without medical supervision.  We would like to clarify that clinical studies have not been conducted on pregnant animals.

Is it safe to use Himalaya products for a long duration?

It is absolutely safe to use Himalaya products for a long duration, until symptoms are completely relieved.  The usage of Ayurvedic products provides progressive but long lasting results.

The time Himalaya products take to work depends on the illness being treated and the condition of the pet allowing for factors of severity, age and general health.

How does Himalaya ensure efficacy of its products?

Himalaya follows the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at our world-class manufacturing facility. This enables us to produce herbal products with uniform levels of consistency from batch-to-batch, and ensures the customer receives the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased. We strive to meet customer health needs through well-researched, effective and safe remedies.

Himalaya follows WHO (World Health Organization) protocols for all herbal formulations, and conducts tests on pharmacognosy, which is the identification of the botanical origin and purity of the herbs used in our products.

We also perform tests using analytical chemistry to ensure the purity of the herbs we use in our products; we look at the viscosity and pH balance of herbs including the identification of active constituents and microbial content, in addition to the total viable count, and the presence of fungus, yeast and mould.

Scientific testing has been a hallmark at Himalaya since 1930 when we embarked on our journey to make quality herbal products. At Himalaya, we use modern science to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets by employing cutting-edge research to create pharmaceutical-grade products.

Can I use more than one product on my pet at a time?

Yes, this is quite common. For example, when using 2 products, if the products are used for different conditions, follow the dosing instructions for each product.  You can ask your pet care professional for specific advice too or contact us with specific questions.  We are here to help.

Can Himalaya products be used long term?

Yes, there are no side effects or negative responses related to using Himalaya products long term. However, if there are no symptoms present, you do not need to continue with dosing. Some ailments and chronic long-term issues such as arthritis, incontinence or skin allergies may require a maintenance dose indefinitely. If in doubt, consult your pet health care provider.

Why are Himalaya products safe?

All our products are clinically tested for safety and efficacy and are completely free from side-effects when used in the dosage according to the instructions on the product pack.

Each product undergoes extensive research for safety and efficacy and has to meet stringent regulatory requirements before being made available to the customer.

Do Himalaya products have side effects?

All our products are clinically tested for safety and efficacy and are completely free from side-effects when used in the dosage according to the instructions on the product pack.

The pharmaceutical range products are best taken in consultation with your health care professional or Veterinarian.

Each product undergoes extensive research for safety and efficacy and has to meet stringent regulatory requirements before being made available to the customer.

Does Himalaya use animal products or by-products in their medicines?

Himalaya products are natural, safe and efficacious. Some of our products contain honey, bees wax, lanolin, milk and milk products that are of animal origin. But, these ingredients are obtained as by products without harming animals.

Our capsule dosage form products are made from industry standard, pharmaceutical-grade hard gelatin which is free from BSE risk.

All other ingredients like proteins, glycerine and fatty alcohols used in our products are sourced from vegetables.

Do Himalaya products contain alcohol?

Only products for external use contain alcohols.


We can accept returns if you have ordered an incorrect product. Please return the item in (NEW condition) within 21 days of date of purchase and we will refund in full. If an item is faulty or arrives damaged, then please notify us within 7 days of date of invoice. We offer exchange of damaged or faulty items.


All orders are shipped from Himalaya Australia using Australia Post. We do our best to ensure all orders are shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) unless goods are temporarily out of stock in which case we will endeavour to contact you to notify of the delay. We cannot guarantee that all orders will be sent out within 24 hours but do our best to ensure they are shipped promptly.   After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order details. We will normally confirm receipt of your order within a few minutes of ordering. We will attempt to send your goods within 1 working day; however, if goods are unavailable delivery will take a little longer. If you wish to query a delivery, please contact us at