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About Us

Himalaya Pets Australia New Zealand offer you the globally renown range of Himalaya herbal medicines for dogs and cats.

The Himalaya Wellness company has eight decades of experience in researching, formulating and producing herbal medicines. In Australia, we have worked closely with the peak veterinary body, the TGA and Bio-security authorities. We have met all regulations for importing and marketing these products.

Himalaya herbal medicines come from the Ayurveda tradition – one of the most well-known herbal medicine systems in the world. Ayurveda has counterparts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western herbal medicine and even the medicine systems of the Australian Aboriginal clans. They all use whole plants as medicines. That means, each product is packed with active ingredients, rich in nutrients, and treats a broad spectrum of root causes for health conditions.

More than 200 veterinarians and scientists from a range of specialties develop our products. Along with a team of physicians also in the hundreds, they continue to research more than 10,000 herbs – and currently Himalaya products use more than 250 herbs.

The research and development facility at Himalaya headquarters boasts cutting edge technology. The team continues thorough testing of herbs and formulations. Some products take more than 10 years to come to market due to the rigorous and uncompromising testing procedures that are standard at Himalaya.

Now in Australia and New Zealand, we are offering this flagship brand of herbal medicine for cats and dogs.

In our range, you will find exclusive herbal medicines for a wide range of illness, disease, and general health and well-being. We offer calcium supplementation, great for bone development in young animals or where there is a deficiency. The range promotes formulas for immunity and longevity, urinary tract infections and kidney disease, toxic liver conditions, anxiety and behaviour, skin conditions and infection control, allergy medications, anti-invective and anti-inflammatory medicines. We also offer tonics for older pets, and overall health and well-being.

Himalaya is a strong proponent of “integrated healthcare”. We encourage Vets and customers to discuss how herbal medicines can work alongside allopathic medicines (conventional pharmaceuticals), to support the body’s natural healing abilities when it’s most needed.


  • Made from the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade whole plants
  • Developed by an extensive team of veterinarians and scientists
  • #1 brand for herbal medicines for babies and humans in the world
  • Proven efficacy and safety published in 1000’s of papers in scientific journals
  • No side effects and safe to use alongside conventional pharmaceutical drugs
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients with consistent active markers
  • World Health Organisation, ISO9001:2008 and
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified