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Your pet deserves the same high quality, natural healthcare as you do. You can improve your pet’s health and wellness with the world’s leading brand of herbal medicine for cats and dogs. Now available for the first time in Australia. Himalaya has 80 years of history in researching, developing and testing herbs and herbal medicine formulations for men and women, babies and mothers. The global brand has offered a range of animal health products for more than 15 years.

Developed by Vets

More than 200 physicians, veterinarians and scientists from diverse specialties work at Himalaya’s research and development facility. So you can be sure that the product you choose for your pet is the highest quality, backed by rigorous testing for efficacy and safety.

The company promotes sustainable practices, especially when sourcing its herbal ingredients. Its testing program assures consistency in the “marker profile” – the therapeutic properties – of the plants.

Herbal medicine works on the root causes of the symptoms of illness and disease, and supports the body’s natural abilities to restore homeostasis – the ideal health condition.  Herbal medicine is also nutritious as it’s made from whole plants. Many are also dietary supplements that can be essential when the body is fighting off an illness or recovering from diseases or trauma.

Part of Your Healthcare Regime

Himalaya is a strong proponent of “integrated healthcare”, where herbal medicines work effectively alongside conventional medicine. They can be used stand alone or in conjunction with other treatments. This can mean, for long-term or chronic conditions, the herbal medicine can help alleviate side-effects of pharmaceuticals, and offer much needed support for restoring homeostasis.  Puppies and kittens, adult pets and our elderly fur friends will all find a Himalaya product to suit their wellness needs.

Global Brand

Our flagship products include the famous Liv.52, for pets with liver conditions, Immunol, which supports our pet’s immune system, and Nefrotec which is one of our most used products in the world for urinary tract infections and kidney health. We also have products for skin and fur, anxiety and behaviour, calcium supplements, and digestive issues and for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Our range now available in Australia and New Zealand is supported by your local Australian health care team for animal welfare.  Visit our SHOP to buy, or browse our PRODUCTS to see how we can help your pet today.

Pet Owners

Join Hundreds of Retailers Worldwide

Himalaya is the world’s number one formulator of natural, safe medicines, with around 300 million products a year sold in 90 countries. Himalaya’s range of herbal medicine for pets is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

Growing Demand for “Natural” Products

Demand for natural health products is on the rise, as people seek out natural, safe and effective treatments and supplements for themselves and their pets.

We can help you help your customers. You can now stock a proven, safe and effective range of herbal medicines for pets, developed by an extensive team of Veterinarians and scientists from a wide range of disciplines. You can confidently recommend products with pharmaceutical-grade herbal ingredients, backed by clinical trials conducted in some of the world’s leading universities and published in respected veterinarian and scientific journals.

Excellent Range for Common Conditions

Our products can treat a wide range of common health conditions in cats and dogs, such as digestive upsets, pain and inflammation, compromised immunity, liver and kidney function and urinary tract infection, behaviour and anxiety issues, and dietary supplementation.

Become a Stockist

If you would like to become a Retail Partner, please get in touch and we will set up an account for you. We offer online ordering for our retail partners with wholesale prices, content for your catalogues and we can even discuss training for your staff.

Vet Partners

As more customers seek out natural therapies and products for their pets, we are proud to bring you a world-leading range of herbal medicines for pets. From the global brand Himalaya Wellness, our range for cats and dogs offers clinically trialled, scientifically developed products that you can trust. Veterinarians around the world are embracing integrated medicine by incorporating herbal medicine, supplements and other therapies alongside conventional medicine.

The Himalaya range of herbal medicines for cats and dogs is filling a gap in the healthcare of companion animals that consumers are actively looking for – and often diagnosing and dispensing themselves, without the benefit of a professional opinion.

For the past 15 years, Himalaya has applied the same rigour to its animal products as it has for many decades to its human products. More than 200 physicians and scientists, including veterinarians, are employed at the company’s R&D centre in Bangalore, India.

ISO9001:2008 certified and GMP certified to international standards, Himalaya uses modern technology to test efficacy and safety, consistency in the quality of ingredients, and palatable formulations.  Himalaya has invested in thousands of clinical trials with its university partners around the world, and has published many papers in respected journals.

Liv.52 is an appetite stimulant and hepatoprotective. It protects the liver from toxins, drugs and chemicals. This formulation restores the architecture and function of the damaged liver by promoting the regeneration of liver cells. It can be used for anorexia, hepatic damage and dysfunction, ascites and jaundice, toxicity associated with drugs and pesticides, and as an adjuvant in the management of canine and feline viral hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus infection.

Immunol is an immunomodulatory and phagocytosis enhancer. It improves antibody titers and increases immunity to fight infections. It is ideal to use pre and post vaccination. It acts as an immunosuppresion of multiple etiologies. It’s effective to use as co-therapy in recurrent dermal, ocular and otic infections, as well as follow-up therapy for antibiotics in bacterial infections.

Nefrotec DS is an antilithic, diuretic and urinary antiseptic. It can be used to treat nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), prevention and management of recurrent urinary tract infections, non-specific urethritis and cystitis, and as a supportive therapy in kidney dysfunction.

Digyton Digestive Drops is a safe and effective digestive stimulant and bowel regulator. Digyton facilitates secretion of proteolytic, amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes that catalyse digestion of food. It regulates bowel movements to help in treating gastrointestinal disorders, especially in puppies, and tones the digestive tract. Its carminative action can prevent the recurrence of flatulence, colic and abdominal discomfort.

Himpyrin is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic. It reduces fever, improves blood circulation and alleviates swelling. The essential oil Sweet Flag (Vacha) is an anti-inflammatory that relieves pain and inflammation.

HimCal is a natural calcium and phosphorus supplement, with a milky flavour that is highly palatable for pets. It is recommended for optimal bone development in puppies, strong bones and teeth in adult dogs, prevention of milk fever post-whelping and in lactating mothers, and as an adjuvant in therapy for rickets.

Anxocare behaviour modifier helps control anxiety due to fear, emotional stress, caused by unfamiliar people, environment, noise and travel. It helps with behavioural problems like aggression, restlessness and hyper-excitability. Anxocare promotes better receptivity and learning abilities during training periods.

If you would like to become a stockist and offer your clients a quality range of natural medicines as part of your treatment protocols, please email or call us and we will set up an account for you. We offer online ordering for our Vet clinic partners with wholesale prices, at the click of a button.


First Choice For Natural Health

It’s easy to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing with Himalaya Pets herbal medicine online.

Our product range is made to exacting international standards, and the ingredients and formulations are extensively tested for safety, efficacy and quality. They contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are backed by thousands of clinical trials.

Ask for them at your Vet, or buy from our online store.

We have published extensive information on every product to help you select the best option for your companion cat or dog.

How We Can Help

Whether your dog or cat has compromised kidneys or liver, urinary tract infections, digestive upsets, inflammatory bowel disease, a compromised immune system, pain or fever, or perhaps they need calcium supplementation or a general health tonic, Himalaya can help.

We have products that provide strength for growing puppies, a booster at vaccination time, and support for our oldies in their twilight years. If you’re not sure, send us an email, we’d love to help.

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