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Our Sales & Distribution Partners In Australia

Himalaya Herbal Medicines are available at participating Vet Clinics, a selection of healthcare retail stores nationally and online for customers.  

Feel free to ask your favourite Vet, healthcare provider or pet specialty retailer to stock Himalaya for you, or you may order online through our Shop right now and via our online partners.

For Australian wholesale retail and Veterinarian enquiries please contact us directly at 

Himalaya Pets is answering the needs of pet lovers who are seeking out natural, effective and safe products that improve the health and well-being of their beloved cat or dog. There is a global movement towards natural products that are as effective as allopathic options, while being free from side effects and chemical ingredients.

Our local team of consultants and customer service people in Australia and New Zealand can help you by providing an array of materials and detailed product information and we may even arrange training for your staff on request.  Please send us an email at 


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