Himpyrin Anti-Inflammatory


Himpyrin is an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and fever reducing herbal medicine for cats and dogs. It can be used to treat fevers from multiple underlying causes, to relieve joint inflammation and arthritis, and is especially effective in instances of injury or post-surgery.


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Life Changing Stories

Rapid resolution of digestive system in a few hours
“Our cat had trouble digesting food and would often have a problem trying to go to the toilet.  Any changes in her food caused her to have diarrhea.  We used this formula regularly in her food and she does not have any problems now, it seems to have gone and working well."
Katherine, Lane Cove
Our dog had a fever because he had an infection
"Our dog had a fever when he had an ear infection.  We used this product when we took him to the Vet, they recommended it to reduce fever and help with immunity and infection.  I preferred this to an antibiotic because when he has had antibiotics before it messed up his stomach.  This worked in a day or so and we would use it again for any infections and to increase his immunity".
Jason, Ipswich

Himpyrin is a clinically tested herbal anti-inflammatory and effective reliever of pain and fever in dogs and cats.

In potent liquid drop form, Himpyrin is a natural antipyretic (reduces fever) that works by inhibiting the enzymes cyclooxygenase (COX) 1 and 2. It prevents the synthesis of prostaglandins. These are hormones  made at sites of tissue damage or infection, where they cause inflammation, pain and fever as part of the healing process. The action reduces fever in pets.

Himpyrin is also an effective pain reliever by preventing the release of pain neuro-transmitters and blocking the sensitisation of nerve fibres.

It is an effective treatment for fevers from multiple underlying causes, and is especially effective in instances of injury or post-surgery.

Directions for Use: To be given orally or mixed with food or as directed.

Key ingredients for anti-inflammatory and pain relief

Tinospora Gulancha (Guduchi) strengthens the immune system and builds the body’s resistance against infections. It is also helpful in reducing fever.

Sweet Flag (Vacha) improves blood circulation and alleviates swelling. The essential oil is an anti-inflammatory, which relieves pain and inflammation.

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