Immunol for Immunity

Immunol for immunity

Immunol is a blend of herbs that is clinically proven to improve the immunity of cats and dogs. The immune system is the body’s vital shield against infections, diseases and biological attacks.

Signs that the immune system is compromised may include recurring skin or parasitic infections, or mild illnesses that turn into more serious conditions.

Immunol is ideal to support and build immunity for a longer, healthier life.

There are many valuable uses for Immunol. When administered pre or post vaccination, it can promote a better immune response. It can be used as co-therapy alongside conventional pharmaceuticals, especially in instances of recurrent infection. It is also an effective follow-up therapy for antibiotics in bacterial infections.

The preparation comes in two forms, liquid drops 100mL and 60 tablets. There are no side effects recorded in long term use, which is often necessary in cases where immunity is compromised or conditions are recurring.

Directions for Use: To be given orally or mixed with food or as directed.

Dogs Small breeds 1-2 mL twice daily or 1-2 tablets twice daily
Large breeds 2-3 mL twice daily or 2-3 tablets twice daily
Cats 1mL twice daily or 1 tablet twice daily

Dosage can be altered according to breeds and/or the severity of the condition, or as directed.

Presentation:  60 Tablets or 100ml Liquid

Key Ingredients

  • Ashvagandha (Winter Cherry), is a restorative for strength and balancer of the nervous system.
  • Guduchi (tinospora cordifolia), supports the normal function of the immune system by maintaining optimal levels of white blood cells, builds up the body’s own defence mechanisms.


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This is an article we like on immunity in dogs

Immunol is an immunomodulator and phagocytosis enhancer.


Immunostimulant: improves antibody titers and ability to fight infections.

Phagocytic: antimicrobial properties effective at eliminating pathogens.


  • Pre and post vaccination to improve immunity.
  • Immunosuppresion of multiple etiologies.
  • Co-therapy in recurrent dermal, ocular and otic infections.
  • Follow-up therapy for antibiotics in bacterial infections.


Combination Therapy in Dogs with Pyoderma – Study

In a study of 30 dogs with pyoderma (superficial and deep), it was found that the therapeutic effect of antibacterials in combination with immunomodulators (Immunol liquid at a dose of 1-2mL for small breeds and 2-3mL for large breeds, twice daily) was more effective that antibacterials alone.

Of the 30, 12 were treated with antibacterials alone and 18 treated with a combination of antibacterials and immunomodulators (Immunol liquid).

Of the 12 on antibacterials alone, 8 (66.66%) were successfully cured with antibacterials alone. However, only half stayed healthy after a period of 1.5 months.

Of the 18 on the combination therapy, 14 (77.77%) regained health within the therapeutic period, while 12 among them (85.71%) remained completely cured after the completion of the therapy. Recurrence of pyoderma was 25% more in the antibacterial-treated group compared to those treated with the combination.

(Published in Veterinary World, Vol.3 No.2 February 2010)

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