Anxocare Reviews

Anxocare happened to us!

"We had a problem with our dog who was fearful and had mental issues that were very difficult to manage, then Anxocare happened to us!  There is a remarkable change in Snow now.  He is still part of our family which speaks for the product itself.  Never give up!"

Geeta Ji, Stanthorpe
Anxocare is good for our cat who is aggressive

“We heard about Anxocare through our Vet.  Our cat was mean and aggressive to our other pets so we started her on it.  We have definitely noticed the difference.  Best stuff for her without any side effects.  She is more chilled out and calm".

Tatum, Nowrthwood
Our rescues regularly have Anxocare

“We are a rescue organisation who have hands on day to day interactions with dogs that are stressed or have behavioural problems.  Some of them we use Anxocare for a week or two to help them in the transition time, and some our other dogs are on it permanently due to their history.  We like that it is herbal and gives good results to help these rescue animals".

Rescue Organisation, Bowral

Liv.52 Reviews

We wanted to improve the health and liver function of our older dog

"Chilli's liver was not working well, and it showed in his health.  As he is older his liver was enlarged and he was sluggish and getting thinner by the month.  Our naturopath told us that if we worked on his digestion and liver function it would help him to deal with protein more efficiently to build him up.  So we used Liv.52.  Good product.  Our naturopath is happy with the formula and Chilli is eating and functioning better".

Lee, Capalaba
We try to use as many natural products as possible to keep chemical free

"The cat had a major reaction to one of the flea and tick treatments we used as we live in an area that is a high risk zone.  It has taken many weeks to get her right again and back to normal.  We used Liv.52 to help with toxicity levels in her system and to prevent harm to her liver.  We are very careful and do our homework now on what we put into our pets systems.  Just like ourselves I guess."

Val, Katoomba
Liver problems leading to issues with health from drugs and chemicals

"Our dog had a lot of medical issues that compromised his liver function and damaged his system, rock and a hard place for an owner.  We had to keep giving him medication but sought to find a way to protect his organs from further harm.  Liv.52 was recommended by our Vet to restore proper liver function which he said is necessary for him to prevent further health issues.  We have seen a big difference in him."

Rod, Lakembla

Digyton Drops Reviews

Improved my dogs appetite and digestion

“My dog is aging and his stomach was not working as well as it used to, and he was losing weight.  I was told about Digyton and have added it to his food.  It is also for improving assimilation of food and nutrients.  Anything to help him.  He is eating better and his energy has improved.  Thank you".

Lee, Fishwick
Rapid resolution of digestive system in a few hours

“Our cat had trouble digesting food and would often have a problem trying to go to the toilet.  Any changes in her food caused her to have diarrhea.  We used this formula regularly in her food and she does not have any problems now, it seems to have gone and working well."

Katherine, Lane Cove
Jelly Bean has no more digestive issues

"Jelly Bean is our dog that had major problems with his digestive system.  From a pup.  Any food change, stress, random episodes, long term bowel problems, you name it we had it.  We were recommended to use Digyton and on reading up on the actions and what was in it we decided to try it.  So glad we did.  Excellent product".

Stephanie, Ashfield

Himpyrin Reviews

Our cat has Arthritis, this really helped her movement and she is much better

"Our cat is old at 16 and is stiff and was diagnosed with arthritis.  Knowing that this is an inflammatory condition, we researched products that were herbal that would help with pain and inflammation.  Major difference!  Love this product.".

Katie, Subiacco
Our dog had surgery and this helped with his pain and inflammation

"Max had a broken leg from a car clipping him on the road.  He was in pain and after his operation was still having some trouble with swelling and movement.  We put him on Himpyrin for a month when we read the ingredients and found it was helpful for inflammation and pain as well as the immune system to help him recover.  He is doing well".

Peter, Woollongong
Our dog had a fever because he had an infection

"Our dog had a fever when he had an ear infection.  We used this product when we took him to the Vet, they recommended it to reduce fever and help with immunity and infection.  I preferred this to an antibiotic because when he has had antibiotics before it messed up his stomach.  This worked in a day or so and we would use it again for any infections and to increase his immunity".

Jason, Ipswich

Nefrotec Reviews

Our cat kept getting urinary tract infections, we wanted to try something that was not an antibiotic

"Millie had recurring urinary tract infections. Apparently it is quite common. We had used antibiotics for years to clear it up. Our Vet recommended that we use Nefrotec longer term to prevent the formation of crystals and support her kidneys, as a more preventative measure. Very happy with this product. We have only had 2 recurrences in 2 years which is so much better than every few months! Will keep using this".

Jodie, Shell Cove
UTI (urinary tract infections) in our dog cleared up quickly and we use longer term for his kidney health

"The dog kept getting UTI infections (urinary tract infection) and it was painful for her and we had to keep taking her to the vet for treatment.  We found Nefrotech when we searched for natural products to help kidney health and UTI's.  It said good for long term support and for removing excess fluid from the body and to help manage recurrent infections.  It certainly has helped a lot.  We also use Immunol for increasing his immunity to infection, great combination."

John, Beecroft
This product really works for our cat who had a urinary tract infection

“Love this product.  My cat had trouble with urinary tract infections that happened quite often which was  not fun for her  at all.  We use this natural product to help her stop getting them and since we put her on these she hasn't had any at all."

Alison, Batemans Bay

Furglow Reviews

Furglow has been wonderful for our dogs allergies

"We now have it under control!  She had years and years of allergies.  We tried Furglow and the results are great.  The vitamins and Omega 3 & 6's are good for her overall health and the itching has stopped."

Garry, Mitchelton
Amazing product. No more dry skin and itching for our cat

“This product is amazing.  Our cat's fur is much more glossy and less dry and flaky.  She has an allergy to fleas so it stops the itching and licking.  Will use it all the time for her".

Penny, Rosebud
Our dogs skin and coat has changed considerably and is much healthier

“We decided to use Furglow for its wonderful ingredient list and the fact it was herbal to help our dog who had patchy skin, dermatitis and was scratching.  Overall his coat was dry and dull.  Been using the product for a month and his coat has changed considerably.  Healthier and glossy with all those vitamins and minerals".

Allen, Woolamia

HimCal Reviews

Our dog had puppies and we wanted a natural calcium supplement for her

"Our dog had a litter of puppies and got a fever and struggled with feeding her pups.  We asked around for a calcium supplement that was quickly absorbed for lactating mothers and came up with HimCal.  She loves the taste.  Knowing the puppies are also benefiting from calcium and phosphorous is a bonus for their own development.  A good all round supplement for mum and her litter."

Jodi and Ben, Caboolture
We have an large puppy and wanted to protect her bones and teeth during growth

"Our new pup is a large breed and we sought advice on a natural supplement for strong bones and health during her rapid growth periods.  We found HimCal and really liked the natural ingredients and no side effects.  We add the syrup to her food and she loves it.  We are doing the best we can for her growth and bones and future and a foundation for good health".

Mandy, Gold Coast
Our dog has rickets and issues with her bones and teeth

"We use this product to help our dog who has rickets from a poor diet in her past and has terrible teeth as well.  When we found out we wanted to use a long term supplement that will help her as she has pain in her joints and her muscles spasm as well as a little bow legged.  Great product".

Shelly, Rockhampton

Immunol Reviews

Our cat was always getting recurrent infections from lowered immune system

"Puss in Boots had constant skin infections and ear infections.  Our Vet said that we should change her diet, which we did, and use a product to help increase her immune system and health.  We love this product.  It has specialised herbs to help her resistance and to eliminate toxins from her system.  Our Vet is very happy with her progress too.  We recommend this to anyone. "

Maureen, Adelaide
Wonderful for our dog to help fight his infections and increase his immunity

"We like Immunol because we use it all the time for our dog who is middle aged in dog years and has a few general health problems.  We know it is safe and really helps his overall health.  We are right into herbs for our pets and this has Winter Cherry and Guduchi in it, we are familiar with this as is used in human medicine for rejuvenation and for physical endurance.  Nicely done!"

Jacqueline, Melbourne
Give me Immunol any day of the week, our cat loves it

“Our cat loves the taste of Immunol and we are glad it is in a syrup form so we can add it to her food.  We wanted to give her more help as she was getting urinary tract infections quite often and was a bit distressed.  Since using this we find she has a lot less infection and is generally more comfortable and has more energy and spark."

Wendy and Paul, Falls Creek

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